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1. Company


The information on this page is provided for by art. 25, paragraph 11, of Legislative Decree 18.10.2012 n. 179, converted into Law 17.12.2012 n. 221 and subsequent amendments and additions, to which they fully comply. The information is updated at least every six months.


2. Impactage


Impactage s.r.l. was established on 11.03.2020 in Milan. The registered office is in Milan in via Rinaldo Rigola 7, 20159 Milan, VAT 11226380969. The PEC of the Company is


The Company has been registered in the Milan Company Register, REA number MI - 2588365.


The Associated Studio of Notaries Monica De Paoli and Giovannella Condo ', based in Via Manzoni 14, Milan, 20121 signed the deed.



3. Participations


Impactage s.r.l. does not hold participations in other companies.


4. Corporate purpose


The Company has the following corporate purpose:


"The company has as its social object activities mainly oriented to the development, production and marketing of innovative products or services with high technological value and in particular:


- support innovative companies in the field of sustainable finance, capable of combining an economic return with a positive social and environmental impact in Italy and abroad;


- carry out incubation activities or invest in projects, even at an early stage, contributing to their development;


- actively contribute to the development of the initiatives in which it invests both at management and management level and at governance level;


- offer consultancy, research and technical assistance services both in Italy and abroad;


- facilitate access to financial resources for businesses and projects. the company can perform residually all commercial, industrial, financial, banking, securities and real estate operations deemed by the administrative body necessary or useful for the achievement of the corporate purpose, with the exclusion of activities reserved by law or regulation to subjects specifically authorized or requiring special requirements not owned by the company. "




5. Activities


The character of the activity, from a technological-innovative point of view, is determined by the conception, production and marketing of high-tech services, in particular, in business consulting services developed through models for measuring companies’ social and environmental impact and in the development of projects to define a performance measurement metric based on EU and international standards in line with a green new deal philosophy at the center of the future industrial policy of the Commission of the European Union. This support to companies will be provided through the development of tools for calculating the indicators and measuring the environmental and social impact.


6. Members


The partners of the company are: Impact Fin Italia s.r.l., with registered office in Milan in via Adeodato Ressi 22, 20125 Milan, VAT 09272450967, REA MI-2079962; Cremonesi Alessandro; Malanchini Fabio Franco Fortunato; Moauro Aldo; Pizzo Giampietro; Stefano Pogutz; Andrea Pogutz, who together subscribed the entire share capital.



7. Directors, staff and partners


The administrative body of Impactage s.r.l. is a Board of Directors represented by:


Pogutz Stefano, President of the Board of Directors


Cremonesi Alessandro, Director


Malanchini Fabio Franco Fortunato, Director


Pizzo Giampietro, Director


- Stefano Pogutz - working partner and CDA president: master's degree in economics and commerce from the Luigi Bocconi Commercial University in Milan in 1993, tenured researcher at the university's management and technology department, experience on sustainability, energy and CSR managerial-organizational and coordinator of research projects on EU, MIUR and private funds.


- Alessandro Cremonesi - working partner and adviser: master's degree in economics and commerce obtained in 1992 at the Luigi Bocconi Commercial University of Milan, Executive Course Program for Management Development achieved in 1999 at Harvard Business School Boston Massachusetts (USA), experience in roles of CEO, CFO and strategic business development in particular in sectors such as luxury / fashion, engineering, manufacturing, financial and strategic consultancy.


- Fabio Franco Fortunato Malanchini - working partner and adviser: master's degree in economic and social disciplines obtained in 1995 at the Luigi Bocconi Commercial University of Milan, master's degree in Economics achieved in 1996 at the Luigi Bocconi Commercial University of Milan, consultancy for Italian fund specializing in microfinance and experience as a consultant in international development projects; founder of a company specialized in technical assistance, an international rating agency specialized in the microfinance sector and a management company specialized in impact investing; consulting, rating and evaluation projects in the microfinance sector in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Mediterranean countries and Italy; director of a company specialized in the development of innovative and sustainable finance projects, and partner of equity crowdfunding platform with focus on renewable energy, environment and territory.


- Giampietro Pizzo - working partner and adviser: master's degree in economics and business - orientation in political economics obtained in 1985 at the University of Venice, microfinance expert with 30 years of experience in the coordination and implementation of technical assistance activities , evaluations and research initiatives for numerous international and bilateral bodies. Its main areas of expertise include financial inclusion frameworks and the financing of SMEs and rural areas; development cooperation (including the EC), company president.



 8. Intellectual property


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