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We promote sustainable growth


IMPACTAGE promotes the development of business models that generate economic, social, and environmental value through two distinct but complementary approaches: Consulting and Investment.

Depending on the needs and opportunities, we support companies in their journey towards sustainability and growth with the most appropriate tool, leveraging the synergies between these two areas.

We work with SMEs, start-ups, and investment vehicles, offering expertise, resources, and relationships to promote sustainable growth of the business system.

IMPACTAGE combines a strong ethical value with distinctive skills that are rarely available in a single company or group of professionals.



  • We support SMEs by assisting them in designing a sustainable transformation strategy and implementing transformative plans that incorporate and enhance sustainability.

  • We help SMEs to realize the full potential of a sustainable transformation journey.

  • We offer training to fully understand the potential of transformation.

  • We work with Investment Funds and Private Equity, incorporating ESG risk assessment into their investment strategy, in order to increase economic value generation and positive impact


  •  We identify and support the structuring of investment opportunities focused on sustainability, starting from the definition of the business model, identifying potential partners, and dealing with financial structuring.

  • We provide support to companies in raising equity, both in the case of already structured companies that want to undertake a sustainable transformation path, and for start-ups with a specific focus on sustainability aspects.

  • In some cases, we directly take an equity stake and, if necessary, we also provide operational support for the development of the company.

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