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How we create sustainable growth

Our company operates in the field of sustainable finance with the goal of promoting business models with a high environmental and social impact. We strongly believe that the financial sector has the responsibility of evaluating and acknowledging the impact it generates through its operations rather than just focusing on the risk-return trade-off.  



We focus our work on SMEs guiding them towards sustainability-oriented business model that can be scalable and profitable. As a highly active investor we leverage our consultancy, management and financially-skilled team to shape these small businesses into companies with a solid organizational structure. In this way, we will be able to lead the change we need in the production, processing and distribution system.



1. Equity and direct financial support

  • Qualified minority or majority shareholding acquisition with active participation in Governance

  • Finance facilities provider as shareholder's loan or alternative financing

  • Provision of the ESG measurement metric and indicators supplementing the traditional economic/financial performance KPIs

2. Entrepreneurial and managerial support

Analysis phase

  • Analysis and business model revision

  • Determine a sustainability profile and ESG risk analysis

  • Enhancing business and sustainability strategy

  • Sustainability report edit/evaluation following international standards (GRI or other), ESG measurement metrics definition

Implementation phase

  • Definition of a suitable governance and required financial structure

  • Research and negotiation for non-traditional financing European funds, crowdfunding, impact finance, national assisted financing

  • Research and negotiation for functional partners - technology institutions and supply chain related

3. Support in innovation

  • Access to best practices and cutting-edge innovations

  • Search and prioritization of impactful ideas and innovations

  • Transformation of the core business through new sustainable business models powered by product or service innovation

  • Orchestration of the different stakeholders to streamline the innovation adoption process and to make sure innovation could scale fast

4. Creation and selection of direct investment opportunities

  • Supporting new initiatives’ development: business model definition, partner research, managing team’s identification, definition of a growth plan

  • Screening of potential investments using proprietary ESG criteria in addition to traditional economic-financial indicators



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