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Analysis and Evaluation

Strategy and Implementation

Reporting and Communication


Analysis and Evaluation

  • We evaluate the company's sustainability profile and the initiatives already implemented

  • We analyze industry best practices on sustainability and the sustainability profile of competitors

  • We assess the company's positioning by highlighting areas for improvement and opportunities for creating sustainable value

Services provided
  • Sustainability profile analysis:

  • Materiality Matrix Definition:

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Calculation of Scope 1 and 2 Emissions:

  • Calculation of Scope 3 Emissions:

  • Life Cycle Assessment

  • Sell-side ESG support.


Strategy and Implementation

  • We define the corporate sustainability strategy by engaging with key stakeholders

  • We highlight the actions to be implemented by defining objectives, targets and KPIs

  • We provide operational support for the implementation of the transformation plan

  • We search for innovative solutions and reliable partners

Services provided
  • Sustainable transformation plan and intervention model

  • Implementation of the sustainable transformation plan

  • Sustainability strategy

  • Selection and activation of partners

  • Support for gender equality certification

  • Analysis and support for photovoltaic installation

  • Feasibility analysis of sustainability initiatives

  • Support for transformation into a Benefit corporation


Reporting and Communication

  • We propose appropriate frameworks and develop sustainability reporting to monitor the progress of sustainability initiatives and the evolution of ESG performance

  • We define the communication plan by placing the sustainability strategy at the hearth

Services provided
  • Sustainability report

  • Sustainability brochure

  • Sustainability indicators dashboard

  • Communication strategy (internal and external)

  • Monitoring of portfolio companies

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