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Information on the use of cookies

We would like to explain clearly to Users of our website (hereafter also referred to as “Site”) how we manage cookies.

Definition of a “cookie”

Cookies are short scripts (letters and/or numbers) sent by our website and stored in the memory of your browser on whichever device you are using (computer, tablet, smartphone) that contain information that can be reused whilst you are visiting the Site or when you visit it again at a later date. Cookies are memorised and track User preferences.

Through the introduction of HTML5 language, different forms of local storage and similar technologies are available, e.g. web beacon and transparency GIFs, to gather information on User preferences when accessing services on the Site.

For simplicity, in this document we will use the term “cookie” when referring to cookies and all similar types of technology.


Types of cookie

Based on the characteristics and the use of cookies there are two macro-categories:

Technical or session cookies. These are fundamental for the correct functioning of the Site and are used to manage log-in and access to proprietary functions of the website. A cookie will only last for the length of the session (once the browser is closed they are cancelled) except for cookies that last longer and that are used to recognise, for a limited period, the user’s device/computer by creating an alphanumerical code generated during the first access. By blocking these cookies access to the services via the log-in will be compromised. The public area of the Site however can still be used. This category also includes “cookie analytics”, only if used together on an anonymous basis to collect and analyse traffic and to monitor the services and use of the Site. These cookies, whilst not identifying the User, serve to recognise if the same User returns to the Site at a later date. This also enables the system to be monitored and therefore to introduce improvements to the functioning of the Site. These cookies can be blocked without causing any loss of functionality. These cookies can also be used without the User’s consent.


Cookies used for profiling or marketing. The Site does not use cookies for user profiling.


Third party cookies. When visiting a website you can receive cookies either from the Site you have visited (“proprietary”) or from websites managed by other organizations (“third parties”). Information collected by “third parties” is regulated by their specific policy which we advise you to consult. In order to guarantee greater transparency and for convenience, in the table below you can find the types of websites and addresses of the different policies and ways that cookies are handled by third parties. 


Here is a list of the third parties we host on our website and the relative link to their Cookie Policy.

Furthermore, as we use Wix as a website host, we list below the cookies Wix uses:

Strictly necessary:

•    Cookie hs - Duration: Session - Purpose: Security
•    Cookie XSRF-TOKEN - Duration: Session - Purpose: Security


•    Cookie Sv session - Duration: Persistent (two years) - Purpose: Security

•    Cookie SSR caching - Duration: Session - Purpose: Indicates how a site was rendered


The majority of browsers is set to accept, control or eventually disable cookies through their settings. However, we remind that disabling navigation or functional cookies can cause an unsatisfying functioning of the website and/or limiting the service we offer.

Below we list the path you need to follow to manage the following browsers’ cookies:



Duration of cookies

Certain cookies(session cookies) remain active until the browser is closed or once the log-out is completed. Other cookies “survive” after the browser has been closed and can be used when the User visits the Site again. These cookies are referred to as “persistent” and their duration is established by the server at the time they are created. In certain cases the duration is fixed and in others there is no limit with the exception of those cookies where the information is memorized exclusively for technical purposes. The Site does not use persistent cookies. Nevertheless when navigating the pages of the Site, you may interact with other websites managed by third parties and these might create or modify ongoing cookies and cookies used for profiling.


Managing cookies

Users may decide to accept or not accept cookies by using the settings on their browser.

Please Note: by blocking or partially blocking technical cookies the functionality of the site may be compromised in the areas reserved for registered users. On the other hand, the public content is still accessible even if cookies have been completely blocked.

Blocking “third party” cookies in no way affects the navigation of the Site.

Settings can be defined based on the various sites and web applications. Furthermore the best browsers allow different settings for “proprietary” cookies and for “third party” cookies.

Using the menu options on the browser it is possible to define whether to accept or otherwise different types of cookies and have them removed.

We would also remind you the User that by blocking cookies in your browser, you may not be able to access all the interactive functionalities.


LinkedIn Insight Tag

Our website uses LinkedIn Insight Tag to enable data to be collected relating to visits to the site including URL, the reference, IP address, characteristics of the device and of the browser (of the user), date and time. This data is then encrypted, the IP addresses are truncated and the direct identifier of the members will be removed within 7 days in order to render the data pseudonymous. The remaining data that has been pseudonymized is then eliminated within 90 days.
The data collected by LinkedIn is not shared with the company, but rather the company only receives an aggregated report on the website audience.


Policy update

The Site will update this information on a regular basis.

The Site Administrator will also publish policy updates.

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