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Sustainability Report 


Giorgio Srl, fondata da Francesco Giorgio, opera da oltre 30 anni nel settore dell’abbigliamento attraverso il brand F**K nel settore swimwear, intimo e capispalla donna e uomo.

F2A is a leading company in the landscape of integrated services outsourcing, payroll, personnel administration, and accounting. With over 60 years of service to businesses, it now boasts more than 800 resources spread across 15 locations and serves over 2,500 national and international clients. 

Client Challenge 

Over the years, the F2A Group has implemented various measures to address some of the main sustainability issues typical of its reference sector and outsourcing business model. Consequently, there arose the need and the desire to pursue the opportunity to systematize the main elements of sustainability in order to manage and effectively communicate them within a perspective of continuous improvement and value creation. 

Project objectives 
  • Collect initiatives and describe the achieved objectives in an official document in order to stimulate dialogue across different business branches.  

  • Optimize business process management, increase transparency, and consolidate stakeholder trust in F2A. 

Main activities 
  • Analysis of the reference context and evaluation of F2A's sustainability profile 

  • Sharing of best practices and comparison with competitors 

  • Identification of SDGs to which F2A contributes 

  • Identification of main stakeholders and their expectations 

  • Materiality analysis and stakeholder engagement 

  • Definition of the most appropriate KPIs for reporting the identified material issues 

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