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Avocado biologico


Direct Investment


Giorgio Srl, fondata da Francesco Giorgio, opera da oltre 30 anni nel settore dell’abbigliamento attraverso il brand F**K nel settore swimwear, intimo e capispalla donna e uomo.

Halaesa, established as an agricultural company, was founded with the goal of making the production of avocados and exotic fruit sustainable in Italy and Europe. Born from the multi-year experience of agricultural entrepreneurs from southern Italy, including those in the exotic fruit sector, its objective is to create a scalable production of organic avocados by combining production, research, and the fight against climate change. The significant market potential and an approach that aims to combine quality, sustainability, and production scale have allowed for the development of a long-term alliance with other producers and major distributors, presenting a Supply Chain Project within the 5th Call for Supply Chain Contracts of Mipaaf (Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies). 

Impact factors 
  • Creating long-term employment with on-the-job training and development of local skills 

  • Implementation of regenerative agriculture techniques 

  • Monitoring and reducing the carbon footprint of domestically produced avocado with a significant reduction compared to imported ones 

  • Use of precision agriculture techniques with a reduction of inputs up to 70% (i.e. water consumption in cultivation -50% compared to Latin American production) 

  • Marked improvement in product quality offered to consumers thanks to the short supply chain

  • Research and investments for the recycling of second and third choice production for cosmetics and dietary supplements  

  • Improvement and conservation of biodiversity through the fragmentation of production sites 

Main activities 
  • Assistance in structuring and managing the company's financial aspects 

  • Definition of the sustainability framework 

  • Support in defining the communication strategy

  • Fundraising 

  • Acquisition of stake in the company and active participation in management 

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