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Sustainable transformation strategy and «Roadmap to Sustainable Excellence» design
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Service Key SpA

Service Key leader in Facility Management with over 4000 specialized operators dedicated to serving Clients to ensure quality, flexibility, and continuous support.

Client Challenge 
  • Overcome the lack of internal ESG expertise

  • Reduce Dependence on an external ESG advisor

  • Strengthen ESG topics governance and overcome procedural weaknesses

  • Value the already ongoing ESG transition initiatives and systematize / formalize an effective sustainable Transformation Strategy

Project objectives 
  • Review the Sustainability Transformation Strategy to make sure it could unleash the highest value creation potential

  • Build the Roadmap to Sustainability Excellence and roll it out effectively and on schedule

  • Assess SK Servizi business and operations to ensure that all the core activities are run in compliance with shareholders and stakeholders' expectations and / or with the local law

Main activities 
  • Analysis of the SKS sustainability profile and update of the Materiality Matrix

  • Design of the sustainable transformation strategy and roadmap

  • Definition of the target objectives of the transformation initiatives and identification of the KPIs for monitoring progress

  • Verification of SK Servizi compliance with ESG and professional ethics issues, in compliance with the requirements set out by shareholders and stakeholders and/or those mandatory for the regulator and legislation

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